TxANA - AANA PR Award Content

Each year the AANA Communications Committee celebrates and formally recognizes state associations, individuals, or other entities in one of four different categories for distinguished public relations efforts. Such efforts should contribute significantly to the advancement of patient safety and the nurse anesthesia profession. 

TxANA has submitted public relations work for consideration in the AANA’s Annual PR Awards for Best Overall Public Relations Effort and Best Promotional Effort for CRNA Week. TxANA’s Public Relations Committee, staff, and communications consultants continually look for opportunities to advance and defend our profession through earned media, social media and other communications.  

With an eye toward increasing public engagement, improving education and expanding advocacy, TxANA recently developed and launched a new video campaign to enhance the association’s traditional earned media and social media efforts. This video series was thematically and artistically pulled through to educational leave behind content provided to Texas State House and Senate leaders and their staff in 2019 during CRNA Week.  

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Videos can be viewed here.