• Tessa Guevara, CRNA
  • Amy Blok, DNP, CRNA


  • Timothy Gollaher, DNP, CRNA
  • Terri Kane, DNAP, CRNA
  • Aimee Langley, MSN, DNP, CRNA
  • Matthew Lewis, CRNA
  • Matthew (Matt) Mitchell, CRNA
  • Adam Norgan, DNP, CRNA
  • David Olson, CRNA
  • James Stockman, MSNA, CRNA
  • Megan Bullerwell, DNP, CRNA
  • Myron Arnaud, DNP, CRNA

This committee shall review the current Bylaws of the Association annually to assure their adequacy to meet the Association's needs. A report of the committee's findings will be submitted to the Board of Directors prior to the Annual Business Meeting.

This committee will receive any proposals for Bylaw change (deletion, revision, or addition) and, after review of the proposal, shall submit them to the Board of Directors with a recommendation as to whether the proposal should be submitted to the membership for a vote. The decision for submission remains with the Board of Directors.

This committee will receive any proposals for Resolutions from the membership (signed by a least five active members) to be submitted to the membership at the Annual Business Meeting. The committee will assure that they are a proper Resolution and assure they are in appropriate form. The committee may choose to make a recommendation to the membership to accept or reject the Resolution.

Bylaws & Resolutions committee provides oversight for the Administrative manual subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Estimated Time Commitment: For non-chairs, 1-2 hours annually. For chairs, 4-5 hours annually.