• Gregory Collins, MSNA, CRNA (Chair)
  • Tamra Baker, CRNA (Co-Chair)


  • Jennifer Czarny, CRNA
  • T d'Avignon, SRNA
  • Jennifer Esplana, CRNA
  • Gregg Gebetsberger, MSN, CRNA
  • Ryan Johnson, CRNA
  • Chelsea Jutila, BSN, SRNA
  • Rhonda Martone, CRNA
  • Elyse Parchmont, CRNA
  • Holly Pham, MSN, CRNA
  • Jingjing Sparrow, CRNA
  • James Stockman, MSNA, CRNA
  • Kendra Stockman, MSNA, CRNA
  • Bonnie Titre, DNP, CRNA
  • Jessica Ulinski, CRNA
  • Ashley Valure, CRNA
  • Martha Vera, DNP, CRNA
  • Lauren Weaver, CRNA
  • Saeed Yacouby, DNP, CRNA

The committee includes the Editor of the TxANA NewsLetter, and will include and be responsible for Information Technology, Public Relations and Publication activities of the Association.