• J. Dru Riddle, CRNA, DNP - Chair
  • Terri Kane, CRNA - Co-Chair


  • Olanrewaju Akigbogun, CRNA
  • Aimee Langley, CRNA, MSN, DNP
  • Bill Johnson, CRNA, DNAP
  • Melissa Loayza, CRNA
  • Kimyatta Brent, CRNA
  • Amanda Newman, CRNA
  • Twyla Levy, CRNA
  • Fengyan Deng, CRNA, DNP
  • Ken Gore, CRNA
  • Donovan Earley, CRNA, DNP
  • Brant Grundy, CRNA
  • Nina Vitek, CRNA
  • Kaycie Hancock, CRNA
  • Tobie Watkins, CRNA
  • Myron Arnaud, CRNA
  • Garry Brydges, CRNA, DNP, MSN, ACNP-BC, MBA
  • Ayoade (Joy) Ademuyewo, SRNA
  • Ludwig Zemrau, SRNA
  • Dennis James, SRNA
  • Laura Lee Ballew, SRNA

This committee shall oversee the preparation of, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, a complete program for the Annual Meeting. This committee shall oversee the selection, preparation and management of meeting rooms, exhibits, food/beverage and other such things pertaining to the convention/meeting. This committee shall conduct a post-convention/meeting evaluation to determine indicated areas of improvement with regard to program content, meeting facilities and fiscal considerations. This committee shall oversee any special events (e.g. fundraisers, social events) that are approved by the Board of Director. The Chair shall be the Vice President.