Government Relations


  • Tim Jones, DNP, CRNA (Chair)
  • Vaughna Galvin, DNAP, CRNA (Vice Chair)


  • Bonnie Titre, CRNA
  • Ayoade "Joy" Ademuyewo, SRNA
  • Ken Kretz, CRNA
  • Shelley Martin, CRNA
  • Matt Mitchell, CRNA
  • Cyndi Golden, CRNA
  • Eddie R Dunlap CRNA, DNP, P.C.
  • Tobie Watkins, CRNA
  • Kerianne Flavin, SRNA
  • Erin Saladino, SRNA
  • Michael Wellman, CRNA
  • Scott Boss, CRNA
  • Wendy Odell, CRNA, MS, DNP
  • Jerral "Jay" Hopper, CRNA
  • James Stockman, CRNA, MSNA
  • Cathy Reidy, CRNA

This committee shall work with and under the direction of the TxANA Board of Directors and the AANA Government Relations Committee in matters pertaining to proposed or pending legislation or other governmental matters pertinent to nurse anesthetists and/or advanced practice registered nurses. The Chair shall be the President-Elect.