• Megan Bullerwell, DNP, CRNA
  • Megan Chen, DNP, CRNA
  • Stephanie Cumpton, CRNA
  • Masson Farmer, DNP, CRNA, FASPM
  • Sarah Giles, SRNA
  • Kristen Jones, SRNA
  • Melisa Leal, DNP, CRNA
  • Donald Missel, CRNA
  • Hector Pina, DNP, CRNA
  • Shelby Pope, BSN, RN, SRNA
  • Cora Rabe, CRNA
  • Maria Sourikova, BSN, SRNA
  • Jim Walker, DNP, CRNA, FASPM
  • Megan Williams, SRNA
  • David Witmer, DNP, CRNA

The Practice Committee is involved in matters pertaining to practice issues that may directly or indirectly impact CRNA practice. The committee serves as a direct resource for the TxANA membership maintaining information and files regarding practice issues on a state level.

The TxANA Practice Committee will review your question and respond directly to you usually within 72 hours. Please be as succinct as possible with your question.

TxANA provides background information on CRNA education and certification in Texas. Additionally, members may submit questions for the Practice Committee to review and respond.