Tyler Pointer

Tyler Pointer is a charismatic public relations and marketing professional with more than eight years of serving in positions centered around the storytelling and service of the organization he has represented. Getting his start as a writer at Sam Houston State University, Tyler was a part of meaningful conversations on campus and helped tell those stories to thousands of readers daily. Since his genesis in the world of communications, he has fit his skillset into news production, performing arts, financial technology, engineering communications, and association management. 

Previously serving as the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Texas Chiropractic Association, Tyler brings his expertise to serving members dedicated to their healthcare professions and the advancement and availability of the services they can deliver. He has solidified the brand of TxANA by implementing the highest public relations standards and gaining interaction and traction through TxANA's social media accounts, website, and news sources across Texas.

Tyler holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Sam Houston State University. In 2023, he was admitted into the University of Texas at Austin's Graduate School of Journalism, where he will begin classes in the fall.

Tyler enjoys playing video games, writing prose and poetry, and organizing in his free time.