Kenton DuBose, DNP, CRNA

TxANA Offices Held:
Director, 2016-2018; Vice President 2018-Present

Committee Chair Positions Held:
Education & Programs Committee, 2018-Present; Practice Committee, 2017-2018

Committee Positions Held:
Practice Committee, 2016-2017; Finance Committee, 2016-2017

Place of Employment:
Fort Worth Surgery Center at Midtown

Awards and Honors:
Spring 2014 Texas Christian Scholarship Banquet Academic Excellence Recognition - Texas Christian University

BSN - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Lubbock, Texas (2007-2009); Texas Christian University: Nurse Anesthesia - Fort Worth, TX (2012-2014)

Dissertation: The Implementation of Intraoperative Lidocaine Infusion for Post-operative Pain

Statement of Platform:
In physics, cohesion is defined as a molecular force within a body that acts to unite them. Cohesion is also said to instigate a union or a sticking together. As a profession, nurse anesthesia will only continue to burgeon if we embrace and implement professional cohesion amongst our state association and ourselves. We should all retain cohesion for safe patient care, cohesion for the enactment of calls-to-action for our profession, and cohesion in support of our state association and political action committees as a few examples. 

Many of us would have an aversion to acknowledge that as long as the daily rigors of the organization run smoothly, it is safe to possess a perilous level of apathy regarding the ‘happenings’ of our profession.  As returning Vice President, it would be my principal ambition to address our apathy in this state and lead by example to other states around the country. 

I have already taken the initial steps towards many of these cohesive goals in my previous term. I have faith that we will continue to grow our PAC contributions, increase meeting attendance through new and exciting methods, and have our voice heard in Austin.  I sincerely hope you will strongly consider my re-election for Vice President of the Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists.