Is a CRNA practicing in an office-based setting required to have prescriptive authority and a prescriptive authority agreement with a physician?

Texas Board of Nursing Office Based Anesthesia FAQ related to passage of SB 406

Is a nurse anesthetist required to have prescriptive authority and register that delegation with the Texas Medical Board?

In outpatient anesthesia settings, the drugs administered and devices applied by a CRNA who provides anesthesia or anesthesia-related services are supplied by the practice setting. Therefore, they are ordered for use in that setting by the surgeon. Just as in the hospital or ambulatory surgery center, the CRNA selects and administers drugs and applies devices pursuant to an order to administer anesthesia or an anesthesia-related service in this setting. Because the surgeon has supplied the drugs and devices for the purpose of providing anesthesia or anesthesia-related services, the CRNA is not required to have prescriptive authority for this purpose. All parties are required to follow the laws and regulations for ordering, storing, wasting and tracking the use of medications and devices in these settings.

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