What are the continuing education requirements for APRNs in Texas, and how do they impact a CRNA?

APRNs in Texas may either complete 20 hours of CE or maintain national nursing certification and meet the applicable targeted CE requirements. While the continuing education requirements for NBCRNA certification exceed the 20 CEs required for APRN licensure in Texas, they do not meet the targeted CE required by the Texas Board of Nursing. Therefore, CRNAs in Texas may have to meet additional CE requirements. These targeted CEs include:

a) Juris Prudence/Ethics:  All CRNAs must complete 2 CEs relating to nursing jurisprudence by the end of every third two-year licensure cycle;

b) Geriatrics:  Any CRNA whose practice includes older adult or geriatric population must complete 2 CEs every 2-year licensure cycle; and

c) CRNAs with prescriptive authority must complete:

  • 4 hours each licensing period related to safe pain management
  • 2 hours each licensing period related to the prescription of opioids (this requirement does not apply to renewals after August 31, 2023)
  • 2 hours related to the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program either before September 1, 2021, or no later than 1 year after the APRN’s initial licensure date, whichever is later.

d) Any CRNA who provides direct patient care must complete CE regarding human trafficking prevention once per renewal cycle

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