Can a CRNA perform the duties of a circulating nurse while concurrently administering anesthesia?

The CRNA in the room should only be engaged in the anesthesia related care of the patient to whom they are providing anesthesia services.  The AANA position statement entitled The Role of the CRNA on the Procedure Team explains:

Patient safety may be compromised when the CRNA is asked to serve in a second role during the procedure. The CRNA is responsible for the anesthesia care of the patient and is not available to personally perform or actively assist with the diagnostic or therapeutic procedure.  The CRNA may participate in minor tasks that do not distract from the continuous monitoring and care of the patient. The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) Standards for Nurse Anesthesia Practice emphasize that continuous clinical observation and vigilance are the foundation of safe anesthesia care.