What is required for a CRNA to provide full service mobile anesthesia?

There are currently no additional requirements for mobile anesthesia providers. However, depending on the practice locations and the type of authority you would prefer, your registration requirements could vary.

For example, if you need to write prescriptions, you will need to obtain a Prescriptive Authority Agreement (PAA). A physician will have sign the PAA, review some of your charts, and have periodic face-to-face meetings with you. You would be required to complete certain pharmacological training and continuing education, obtain a DEA number, and register for prescriptive authority with the BON.

If you do not need to write prescriptions, and instead only need to order drugs, then you will not need a PAA. However, your order will have to be pursuant to a physician’s order for anesthesia or anesthesia-related services. The physician’s order does not need to specify a drug, dose, or administration technique, so you will be responsible for selecting, obtaining, and administering the drugs.

If you will only be ordering drugs in hospitals or ambulatory surgical centers, there are no additional registration requirements. If you will be ordering in office-based settings, you will need to register with the BON and your equipment and training will have to comply with BON Rule 221.16. You will also have to fill out the Site Registration Form for each site where you will provide services.