TxANA Student Scholarships

TxANA will award two student scholarships for the TxANA Annual Convention and one student scholarship to the AANA Mid-Year Assembly. Scholarships are not to exceed the $1,500 reimbursement threshold for each awardee and meeting.

Scholarships are available to all SRNAs who are TxANA members and are enrolled in an accredited Texas nurse anesthesia program. Students must be in good standing within their attended program and must meet the specific scholarship requirements outlined in the application.

Purpose: To encourage student involvement in practice issues impacting CRNAs and to encourage participation within TxANA.

The TxANA Scholarship Policy can be found here. 

AANA Mid-Year Assembly Scholarship

The AANA Mid-Year Assembly Scholarship is open for application. The deadline to apply is March 16th.

The scholarships for the TxANA Annual Convention will be open for application later this year. 

AANA Mid-Year Assembly Scholarship Process:

  • Texas students wishing to receive scholarships must apply via the online application form.
  • Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received.
  • In selecting recipients for a scholarship, consideration will be given to student involvement in TxANA, with applicants selected based on a rotating school representation, if possible.
  • Program Directors will be contacted to determine academic/clinical suitability prior to the scholarship award.
    Any unused funds at the fiscal year's end will be placed into an account for future student scholarships.
  • Students receiving a national sponsorship outside of TxANA will be passed over to allow greater representation by more students from Texas.


  • The recipient will be required to attend the meeting in its entirety and as a representative of TxANA. The student will be expected to dress and behave appropriately.
  • Attendance at Day at the Capitol and designated legislative meetings is mandatory.
  • The recipient will assist the Federal Political Director (FPD) with distributing folders/promotional items for meetings and shadow the FPD as needed.
  • The recipient must submit a copy of receipts and a reimbursement form within 14 days of the conclusion of the meeting to receive funding.
  • The recipient will be expected to contribute a scholarly article (up to 500 words) describing their experience or something they learned at the meeting for inclusion in the TxANA Newsletter. Photos from their experience should also be sent to TxANA.

TxANA Executive Committee Review:

The TxANA Executive Committee will review scholarship applications and select qualified recipients. Staff will set reasonable deadlines based on event dates.