TxANA Student Scholarships to AANA Meetings

TxANA has budgeted for three (3) student sponsorships for each of the three AANA  meetings, not to exceed $1,500.00 per student, per meeting. AANA meetings available  for sponsorship are:

  • AANA Annual Congress (August)
  • Fall Leadership Academy (November)
  • Mid-Year Assembly (April)

Purpose: To encourage student involvement in political issues that impact CRNAs 
and to engender involvement on the state and national levels.

Process : Texas nurse anesthesia students wishing to receive a scholarship will 
need to apply to TxANA via the online application form (form below). Applications 
will be processed in the order in which they are received. TxANA will contact your 
Program Director for academic/clinical suitability prior to scholarship award.In 
selecting recipients for a scholarship, consideration will be given to involvement 
in TxANA committees, key contacts (legislative), student track sessions, rotating 
school representation, and the order in which applications were received. Students 
receiving a national sponsorship will be passed over to allow greater representation 
by more students from Texas. Every effort will be made to ensure that scholarships 
are evenly distributed between the programs. The scholarships will be taken in total, 
so that if only two students go to one of the national meetings, an extra student 
scholarship would be available for one of the national meetings. This should be 
done on an annual basis beginning with the AANA Annual Congress and ending 
with the Mid-Year Assembly. Any money unused at the end of the fiscal year 
(August 31) will be placed into an account for funding future students scholarships.

Responsibilities: Sponsored students will be required to attend the meeting in its
entirety and as a representative of your state association, you will be expected to 
dress and behave appropriately. Each student must submit to the TxANA Executive 
Director a copy of receipts ($50 or greater) and a reimbursement form in order to 
receive funding.Reimbursement forms shall be submitted no later than two weeks 
post meeting. Each sponsored student is required to contribute a scholar article 
(at least 500 words) describing their experience or something that they learned 
at the meeting for the TxANA NewsLetter. A photo in a JPG format should also 
be submitted with the article.

Apply Online Here