Don’t Be a Stranger, TxANA

Source: Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Date: October 05, 2022

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Abby Caswell, DNP, CRNA

TxANA President, 2021-2022

It has been an honor to work alongside the TxANA Board this past year in our continued mission of advancing patient safety and the profession of nurse anesthesia.

TxANA has been strategic and impactful in protecting patients and our members. Together, we have tackled monumental legislative, regulatory, and legal successes, defended nurse anesthesia practice in Texas, and rallied support from key figures in our state who place patient safety above all else. As we proceed into the legislative session next year, I am hopeful our members will continue to represent CRNAs well. I believe our power in numbers can send a compelling message during CRNA Capitol Day in January 2023.

TxANA is committed to advancing the CRNA profession. Our association works tirelessly to protect CRNA practice rights in Texas, ensure patient access to safe and high-quality anesthesia care, and provide our members with benefits and services to help advance practice. Serving you remains our top priority!

Throughout the 2021-2022 term, TxANA made significant strides in protecting CRNA practice, developing new continuing education and practice resources, and emphasizing the importance of CRNAs through increased media exposure. With TxANA’s involvement, we have seen notable wins in preventing new barriers to care at the state level. 

By being a member of TxANA, your membership provides you:

  • Professional support from the only state association with a dedicated team of full-time staff, including executive office leadership, as well as legislative, legal, regulatory, and public relations consultants;
  • Lobbying and advocacy engagement with state policymakers;
  • Public and healthcare provider education materials on matters of patient safety;
  • Access to an online platform for Continuing Education;
  • Representation in state health care organizations and coalitions advancing the interests of patients, CRNAs, and APRNs; and
  • The ability to vote, join a committee, and hold office in your association

I remain optimistic despite the continued efforts by others to create practice limitations, including supervision requirements over CRNAs in Texas and similar ongoing issues that place patient safety at risk. How we conduct ourselves as a profession makes a difference both in the workplace and at the Texas State Capitol. In these ways, CRNAs step up time and time again, delivering through adversities. I am confident CRNAs will continue to be recognized as the safe, cost-effective anesthesia solution the healthcare system desperately needs right now.

TxANA will be hosting our Annual Convention 2023 and CRNA Capitol Day in person for the first time since 2020, and we are celebrating 48 years since the foundation of our association! As the convention will transition into National CRNA week, we ask members to get more involved than ever! Follow TxANA on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and monitor our promotional efforts and events page to stay updated on registration information for the convention.

Lastly, please join a committee and help guide the association in future decision making efforts. Getting involved in TxANA not only puts you in the know of recent issues faced by CRNAs but allows you to use your voice to guide the profession of nurse anesthesia in Texas. I ask you to see the incredible value in your association membership.  

Consider donating to the TxANA PAC as our staff and lobby consultants continue to advocate for CRNAs and patient safety. 

I am overwhelmed with gratitude as my term as TxANA President ends. I will hold this experience dear to my heart as I continue to serve patients in Texas. It was an honor to work alongside our Board volunteers, who will continue to look out for the best interests of Texas patients and CRNAs. I look forward to seeing you all in January