Faces of TxANA: Sam Stinnett, Executive Director and CEO

Source: TxANA
Date: December 04, 2019

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Our Faces of TxANA series shines a light on the work of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and the TxANA staff. Each and every day our TxANA members and staff are working to advance patient safety and the profession of nurse anesthesia.  

This month, we invite you to meet Sam Stinnett, our TxANA Executive Director and CEO. Sam joined TxANA in 2014 and has worked to expand the association, formalize its board and enhance its advocacy, public affairs and communications.   

What’s it like to lead TxANA? 
Sam said it’s the passion and engagement of TxANA’s members that sets the association apart from other professional organizations and advocacy groups she’s worked with over the years.

“I enjoy representing a group of individuals I believe in and would trust my life in their hands,” Stinnett said. “I enjoy being able to bring my legislative background and experience working with associations and other organizations to TxANA.” 

Sam brings a wealth of legislative and public affairs experience to TxANA, having previously served as a legislative director for a Texas State Senator, for two Senate Committee Chairs, and as an executive at a public affairs and public relations firm focused on the State Capitol and non-profit clients. A native Austinite, Sam knows the Capitol City well, and has forged deep relationships with many lawmakers, staffers, association executives and legislative consultants. She’s able to leverage those relationships frequently to advance TxANA’s mission. 

Sam recently received her Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential and was elected to the Texas Society of Association Executives (TSAE) Board of Directors, expanding her network and bringing fresh ideas for association management through this leadership role.  

Why does TxANA matter? 
When asked about the importance of TxANA to the profession of CRNAs in Texas, Sam answered with clarity and certainty. “It’s been said to me, ‘Without TxANAs, CRNAs probably wouldn’t have a practice in the state of Texas.’ We have a truly dedicated staff, Board, Committees and PAC, who are all crucial to TxANA’s successes,” said Sam.  

TxANA is at its core a member-driven organization, and while the headquarters staff carries the day-to-day strategic planning and operational role, it’s the TxANA Board and the individual members who make the organization so effective and powerful.  

Sam has a few words of advice for new or older TxANA members, “Get involved! Contribute to the PAC (it’s not affiliated with AANA and we receive no funds from AANA), attend our conferences, join a committee, or run for the Board.  TxANA offers ample opportunities for members to engage, connect, advocate and advance the profession,” Sam added.  

Life outside of TxANA 
When she’s not busy leading TxANA, Sam spends time with her sweet 17-month old baby boy Sonny, her husband Riley and Molly, their dog.  

“We enjoy being active and outdoors. When I’m not reading legislative and regulatory items or association management material, I love some good leisure reading, too,” said Sam. “I recently finished Where the Crawdads Sing, and I’m currently reading Educated, which is a self memoir and so fascinating!”  

A penny for your thoughts 
We asked Sam what is one piece of advice or action that someone has offered that made a real difference in her personal or professional life. Her response -- truly life-changing.  

“I’m adopted and credit all of my blessings in life to my birth mother. Without her making this tough and pivotal decision, I wouldn’t have my family. Nor would I probably have met my husband, had our son or career I have now! I feel very fortunate,” said Sam.