How TxANA Stays Ahead In Government Relations Advocacy

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Source: Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Date: April 25, 2022

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James Stockman, MSNA, CRNA, NSPM-C

President-Elect, Government Relations & Practice Committee Chair

As President-Elect of TxANA and Chair of the Government Relations & Practice Committee, I understand that member involvement at the state and local levels is a quintessential part of being an active association member. TxANA has secured numerous wins under its belt thanks to the hard work and dedication of its members who want to see nurse anesthesia advance in the Lone Star State.

TxANA recently submitted a nomination for the Government Relations and Advocacy Award for AANA’s Mid-Year Assembly. So, what makes TxANA stand out in the crowd when it comes to this award?

Much of TxANA’s work has been built upon the member feedback received within the 2019 extensive Member and Non-Member Assessment Survey, and on the Association’s Strategic Plan. Included are some of the more detailed ways we have connected with members to improve the quality of member engagement and motivate members' involvement in state advocacy to build upon our commitment to educating members, committees that work on Government Relations issues, and our Board of Directors.

TxANA worked closely with several ad hoc members, the Government Relations and Practice Committee, and the Board of Directors on the practice questions section on our website. This section provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CRNA practice in the state of Texas. A few of the updates include employment contracts, cosmetic procedures, and continuing education. A special thanks to members who sent us their feedback regarding specific practice matters. Your assistance is how we are able to reach many solutions. We always advise that these materials are for informational purposes only and not legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice concerning any particular issue or problem.

Action alerts are a major part of rallying members to get active in legislative issues. Once the session had concluded, TxANA thanked members who completed action alerts/letter
and email writing campaigns and all other items asked of them during the 87th Regular Legislative Session. We explained that although Regular Session had concluded, it remained imperative for us to maintain the strong relationships established with lawmakers and their staff. Doing this as a coordinated effort, like a lobby day, shows how strong the CRNA community is in their support of their legislators.

While email action alerts during a session are common, something as simple as a handwritten note is received with a much more conscientious eye. It also begets a more favorable recognition of TxANA and its members. Therefore, we asked TxANA members to write a personalized letter to their state representative and state senator, thanking each of them for their hard work this past Session.

Every one of these methods makes TxANA stand out at a national level in advocating for CRNAs in Texas. There are always plenty of opportunities for you to get involved as a member. Please read more about the available committees on our website.

Once again, I thank you for your commitment and dedication to TxANA and for ultimately progressing our goal of patient safety and the advancement of nurse anesthesia in Texas.