TxANA Convention and CRNA Day at the Capitol Changes

Source: Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists (TxANA)
Date: June 16, 2023

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By Wendy Odell, DNP, CRNA - TxANA Vice President

Greetings to all Texas CRNAs! I hope you are having a fantastic 2023. It is my pleasure to greet you as the Vice President of TxANA and provide you with updates from the Education Committee. 

Thank you to everyone who completed the TxANA survey regarding the future of the TxANA Annual Convention and CRNA Day at the Capitol, distributed in March. The answers and comments from the survey were clear: the members prefer an Annual Convention separate from Capitol Day, with rotating locations across Texas. This data was invaluable to our decision-making and helped guide our plans for the next convention.   

With your input, the TxANA Education Committee and Board of Directors voted to move the Annual Convention to the fall, beginning in 2024. This will be a historic event, celebrating TxANA’s 50th anniversary!

The Education Committee and TxANA staff have committed to making this a memorable occasion. We aim to host the meeting in September, possibly early October of 2024. We are scouting hotel locations; a final date will be determined when a site is selected.

We’re also seeking dynamic and experienced speakers to lecture for next year’s convention. If you’re interested in the opportunity to lecture at the convention or other TxANA Continuing Education (CE) opportunities, please contact info@txana.org and receive more information.

Capitol Day will still be held during CRNA Week each January. To best prepare CRNAs and remain efficient, a virtual preparation for meetings will be conducted the day before the 2024 CRNA Day at the Capitol. 

Finally, I want to thank the Education Committee for their enthusiasm and participation over these past few months. We have a great team of CRNAs and SRNAs who will work together to plan and host a fantastic 2024 Annual Convention! Continue to be on the lookout in the coming months for more news as we commemorate the profession of nurse anesthesia in Texas.