TxANA Supports Amendment to Amendment at AANA Annual Business Meeting

Source: Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Date: August 11, 2022

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As you may know, there will be an amendment to the AANA bylaws proposed at the Annual Congress related to membership dues. Several state associations, including TxANA, raised concerns related to the financial implications of the original amendment. Based on input received during the recent Town Hall meetings, the AANA Board of Directors will be submitting an amendment to Amendment 1 during the live AANA Annual Business Meeting on Saturday, Aug 13th. Members present at the business meeting will then vote on the amendment to Amendment 1 and, if passed onsite, it will be included in the language of the final version of Amendment 1 submitted to all members for voting beginning on Sunday, Aug 14th.

Please be aware that TxANA has no concerns with the newly amended language to the Amendment.

Amendment to Bylaw Amendment 1: Modernization of Membership Dues

Annual Dues will be collected by the AANA and 36% of those total Dues will be allocated to the member’s determined state association. There will also be an allocation to the Organizational Health Allocation (OHA) and Strategic Reserve Fund (SRF) as follows: *Determine the prior 5-year median utilization of the OHA/SRF and add an additional 10% to fund the OHS/SRF Fund for the next year. 

For reference, the language as proposed, and as amendment is as follows:

Article III. Dues.


New AANA Bylaw language (TxANA Supported Language)

Bylaw Amendment 1:

Amend Article III, Dues by:


1.1.           Substituting for Section 1 the following:


Section 1. Amount


  • A.     Annual dues are reviewed and adjusted as needed by the AANA Board of Directors based on the operational and strategic needs of the organization. Any annual adjustment that includes an increase exceeding 10% of the previous year’s dues requires approval by a majority vote of the members. Annual Dues will be collected by the AANA and relative levels of state allocation will not change from 36%, other than by bylaw amendments voted on by the members. Member classifications and the dues amounts associated with them will be posted annually on the AANA website. Annual dues are payable on the first day of the fiscal year and will not be refundable or transferable.


The Board shall have authority to adopt an Organizational Health Allocation (OHA) & Strategic Reserve Fund (SRF) Funding Mechanism Policy to define funding for these programs.


  • B.      There will also be an allocation to the Organizational Health Allocation (OHA) and Strategic Reserve (SRF) Fund OHA/SRF as follows: at least 4% of the Annual Dues from Active Members will be allocated on a yearly basis by the Board of Directors to fund the Organizational Health Allocation and Strategic Reserve Fund.


1.2. In Section 2, Subsection A, Striking “send to the treasurer or” and Inserting “make available to”.


Provision: This amendment will take effect at the beginning of FY23.

TxANA has no concerns with the proposed changes in language, and supports this Amendment to Amendment 1, and urges members to vote to pass.