Manu Reddy, DNAP, MS, CRNA

TxANA Offices Held:


TxANA Committee Chair Positions:


TxANA Committee Positions:

Education Committee 2020-2021; 2021-2022
Nominating Committee 2020-2021
Government Relations and Practice Committee 2020-2021; 2021-2022
Bylaws and Resolutions Committee 2020-2021
Public Relations Committee 2020-2021


Employment Type:

1997 to 2022  Actively participated in various roles as a practitioner, clinical educator, and chief CRNA. Extensive practice in private and public institutions, teaching institutions, stand-alone centers, office settings as an independent practitioner, ACT team member, solo provider, and educator.


Awards and Honors:



DNAP: 2017 -2018 Missouri State University
MS in Nurse Anesthesia: 1995-1997 DePaul University



2021-2023 AANA government relations and Resolutions committee
2018-2022 CPCA committee


Statement of Platform:

I have been a CRNA Texas for 27 years. As an experienced clinician, educator, and leader, I have witnessed the progress of our profession, especially in Texas. We have tremendous work ahead in advancing our profession here in Texas on several fronts of training, education, practice, public awareness, and legislation. After serving in several committees in TXANA  and being a member of the GRC committee in AANA  I strongly feel that I can contribute tremendously towards advancing our profession. I am honored to run for the position of the Director of TxANA representing every CRNA in Texas.