Wendy Odell, DNP, CRNA

TxANA Offices Held:
Director, Board of Directors 2015-2017


TxANA Committee Chair Positions:



TxANA Committee Positions:


Employment Type:

Independent Contractor - May 2021 to Present
CRNA Executive-Chief Anesthetist Leadership- NorthStar Anesthesia 2008-2021


Awards and Honors:




Baylor College of Medicine- DNP
Baylor College of Medicine- MS
Texas Woman's University- BS



Statement of Platform:

Expanding CRNA practice has been my primary driver throughout the 20-years of my clinical and professional practice.  It’s led me to volunteer on TxANA committees, serve on the Board of Directors, and contribute both personally and financially to legislative agendas that support CRNA practice. Expanding practice has also driven me to leadership positions where CRNAs are represented at the highest level of healthcare.

During my decade of leadership with NorthStar Anesthesia, I served in numerous roles and was responsible for expanding CRNA scope of practice at > 95% of my contracted facilities, ensuring CRNAs were challenged both clinically and professionally. I developed business and clinical leadership curriculum and used that curriculum to build an executive-level CRNA leadership team and teach leadership to over 230 CRNA leaders across the country. I also partnered with CRNA academic programs, expanding student clinical opportunities with advanced-level anesthesia procedural techniques. During this experience, I learned the business of anesthesia, private equity-backed healthcare, and macro-level healthcare policy. I also recognized just how uniquely qualified CRNAs are to lead at all levels of healthcare, both inside and outside of the anesthesia setting.

Continuing  CRNA advocacy is what leads me to seek the nomination and election for Vice-President of TxANA. My hope is to continue serving leadership CRNAs interested in advancing our practice, giving back to Texas CRNAs, and honoring the CRNAs who carved the path for our nationally respected industry. Thank you for considering me as your next TxANA Vice-President.